To You my Perdita is a new work written by fellow student Arthur Langlie and performed at Playground, Carnegie Mellon's student work festival. The script is an adaption of Shakespeare's A Winter Tail set in a the middle of a nuclear war. The performance also contained numerous fight scenes and a dash of magic wielded by Perdita. 
One of the rules of Playground is that no money could be spent, as such the show had to be designed completely out of our stock and performer's wardrobes. 
The color palette was muted to reflect the effects of war in both the dirtiness of clothing as well as the grim out-look of the characters. The silhouettes are what I feel citizen soldiers of 2019 would wear if clothing was scare and military uniforms inaccessible. In the same way children play dress up, these soldiers are childish in nature gravitating towards clothing that feeds their romanticized bravado of war, paying a subtle homage to the frat guy stereotype. The goal was to bring the audience into a world where mass suffering and death is common occurrence. Which would help feed into the building tension of each stage fight as Perdita overcomes each and every adversary.
Written and Directed by: Arthur Langlie
Lighting: Hannah Kerman
Costumes: Claire Mildred
Sound: Padra Crisafulli
Georgia Mendes
Tristan Hernandez
Mikael Gemeda-Breka
Adam Brett
Valentino Musimeci
Jackson Eick
Bella Campos
Julianna Austin

Photos courtesy of Sarah Conor
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