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Who is She ?
Color, Spice and everything neat and organized makes a great costume designer. A newly minted California resident: Claire's body of work boasts a wide variety of genres and aesthetics. With an astute attention for detail Claire weaves together script and character to curate the perfect costumes.
Her feature credits include Et Tu starring Lou Diamond Phillips alongside Malcolm McDowell; and Hard Miles starring Matthew Modine with a cameo from Sean Astin. 
My Life Stopped at Fifteen has rocketed across the festival circuit winning best film at Official Latino, and shown at Dances with Films, Bronzelens, Women X, and Martha's Vineyard. Mal de Amores premiered at Hola Mexico and will be making its international premiere at Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival in Toronto.  
Claire has styled singer Alex Warren and actor Ethan Daniel Corbett as well as Lost Boy Crow for his Indie Rock Music Video and tour promo
When she's not Costume Designing, Claire can be found writing, directing and even judging cosplay masquerades at Wonder Con and San Diego Comic Con.
Coming from a background in Theater Costume Design, and as an alum from Carnegie Mellon University, Claire has transitioned into Costume Design for television and film with the help of the Television Academy Foundation, where she had a fellowship in 2020.

You can read more about Claire in her Voyage LA article here.
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