CARRION is an eerie, coming-of-age immigrant folktale about a girl's last evening with her mother as she knows her.
When 8 year-old Mengmeng, a second generation Chinese-American, accidentally digs up a rotting animal carcass. That night, something long buried is unearthed in her mom, when a strange man from Ansong’s past turns up at the door of the motel where they live and work.
Mengmeng grapples with changes in her mother’s behavior, and as mysteries of the past invade their motel, Mengmeng faces the threat of abandonment - but discovers the gentle power of a small act of care.
Leg by an all-female creative team. Shot in LA.
Writer / Director: Yvonne Zhang
Producer: SF Hartley 
DP: Meg White
PD: Marina Ramirez
CD: Claire Mildred
Editor: Jess Petersen
Script Editor: Rebecca Leo
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