A New Work written by fellow student Eben Hoffer exploring mental health at Carnegie Mellon. The play consists of a non linear reflection of many student's testimonies and experiences in regards to many things like depression, anxiety and racial profiling. Each actor wore an in ear piece where they listened to the recordings of student's testimonies and told them to the audience in real time as they hear it. The performers were not to play the students. They were  simply vehicles of the testimonies. As such their costumes were as simple as simple can be and played into the color palette of the stage. The combination of washed out clothing and unfinished wood was so light in contrast to the audience the playing space seemed to glow in comparison. 
Photos Courtesy of Louis Stein
Directed and written by: Eben Hoffer
Set and Props: Selby Souza
Lighting: Shawn Nielson
Media: Joseph Amodei 
Costumes: Claire Mildred 
Sound: Josh Brown 
Dramaturgy: Natalie Schmidt 

Johnathan Norwood
Zach Herman
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